Equal Measure 553 - Main Blvd.  (Outlet)

Brand: Interface
Getufte gestructureerde tip sheared bouclé
100% Recycled Solution Dyed Nylon
25 cm x 100 cm
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Equal Measure is inspired by the traditional cobblestone streets found all over the world, creating a sense of the familiar and the original at the same time. The classic, irregular look of a lived-in street is combined with the soft luxury of carpet tile and all its associated benefits. The subdued colour palette offers refuge within the high-intensity environment that is the open office. EM551 is a simple, low profile construction that has the appearance of a coarse woven fabric on the floor. The opposing construction is EM553, which has a rich geometric and reminds us to the cobble stones streets. EM552 is the transition tile. This is where the two other styles meet in a very natural way without abrupt transitions. The 25 x 100 cm Skinny Plank format allows designers to create a transition that spans a large distance. Equal Measure allows movement in four directions.